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By: Adam Kluger


Questionable Judgment
In Bernadette’s dorm there was a night watchman who would hang out. Renfro, a former cop. Bernadette would always catch Renfro checking out her round tits or tight ass whenever she bent over and she got off on teasing him a bit. Bernadette always let Renfro know that there were extra cold beers in an ice machine if he wanted any. You bet he did. They would all be up at 3am watching The Twilight Zone…stoned and happy…a few late night partiers would straggle in throughout the early morning…most would sit on the couch and zone out to the zone for a while, usually there would be an open box of left over pizza from earlier that would be fair game for all. A utopian socialist society…why go to bed when the day had been full of pot smoking kicks and the girlfriend was fast asleep…perfect time to kick back with Renfro and shoot the shit.
Renfro told Bernie he had a house in the woods where he raised attack dogs and had fields of pot growing in his backyard.
Retired cop growing weed.
Far out.
In exchange for the beer, Renfro would toss Bernie and the Zoners an eighth of green sticky bud for free.
Good old Renfro.
Why Bernie decided to go back with him to his house that night… who knows?
She must have been stoned.
Perhaps, Bernadette harbored a secret rape fantasy somewhere deep down—Renfro wasn’t too bad looking for an older guy.
Renfro’s house was 30 minutes away. It was Winter time.
He needed to go home to pick up some keys or something.
Bernie volunteered to go back with him.
In retrospect, It was a pretty stupid thing for Bernie to do.
They got to Renfro’s house and there were large chain link fences.
She heard the barking…Then she saw some animals paw at the fence.
She jumped back.
She saw a fang and some drool and red eyes in the dark.
It was true after all. Renfro really did raise attack dogs.
What a relief.
Renfro came back to the car jangling the key. He tossed a brown bag to Bernadette. It was full of long stemmed buds.
“Thanks for coming with me kid”…”
“No problem, Renfro.”
They got back to the dorm in 20 minutes.
Bernie said goodnight and went directly back to her girlfriend’s room, undressed quickly, slid underneath her red comforter and pressed up against that ass of Jackie’s that she loved so much.
Bernadette whispered in Jackie’s ear, “Wake up, Jackie—I’ve been very bad…my pussy’s on fire from sucking Renfro’s cock and I need you to stuff your panties in my dirty mouth and spank and rape my naughty ass right now, do you hear me, bitch?”
Jackie heard Bernadette quite clearly and eagerly complied as she quickly reached for her strap-on and the bottle of lube from her desk drawer.

The Senior
Yon was South Korean with a flat face and a serious boyfriend.
Celia was new to the dorm. The cute freshman from Tennessee.
When Yon had flirted with Celia one night Celia had teased in a drunken southern drawl , “y’all should visit me one night” She never thought Yon would actually take her up on the offer.
Celia was dead asleep when the knock came…Yon padded quietly over to Celia’s bed and got on her knees. She started to lick Celia’s pussy like an expert. Yon’s skin, as she slid into bed with Celia, was the softest Celia had ever known. Yon smelled exotic and she had been drinking as she kissed her.
Celia asked Yon about her boyfriend but all she said was “it’s ok…he’s cool…” Celia doubted that.
“Besides, I’m just going to go like this ok? ” at that she proceeded to rub her warm, wet pussy lips over Celia’s face and hungry mouth.
“sure…whatever you like”
“mmmm…I like this a lot,” she purred.
It was a nice surprise.

The Trekkie
Taylor was from a farmhouse in the Midwest and she was pretty and athletic with strawberry blonde hair but also somewhat shy and mousy…Taylor looked like Chloe Sevigny and she hung out with the nerd patrol in the TV room and loyally watched Star Trek with the brainiacs almost every night.
Long Island raised Jewish American Princess Fern didn’t know what compelled her to sit next to Taylor. But the lights were pretty dark in the TV room. Fern was feeling frisky after a long night of partying at the campus pub. She casually let his hand fall on top of Taylor’s tanned leg and then slid it slowly up her thigh. No one could see. Taylor didn’t say a word as she grabbed Fern’s hand and gave it a slight squeeze.
It was thrilling.
No one else in the room knew what they were doing.
Eventually, at the exact moment that Captain Kirk was giving a dramatic speech about Klingons, Fern tapped Taylor’s leg, stretched her arms overhead like she was tired, and offered a nasally good night to the TV watchers. As Fern got up, Taylor didn’t make a move. Fern left the TV room and went up the stairs toward Taylor’s hallway.
Moments later Taylor followed.
Taylor opened the door to her own room and they didn’t say a word.
Fern ran her hands over Taylor and slowly kissed her.
Taylor seemed frightened at first but then quickly and hungrily made out with Fern.
Fern felt Taylor’s firm tits and cupped her tight ass.
Taylor started to get undressed quickly and before Fern knew it, they were fucking.
They still had not said one word to each other.
But Taylor moaned loudly and scratched Fern’s legs and back as she came, with Fern following right behind.
Taylor was a real hellcat in the sack and the coolest part was they never said a word to each other…they didn’t have to.
When they saw each other the next day in the TV room they ignored each other.
But later that night, they repeated the previous night’s ritual.
As Fern left, she noticed Taylor’s friend Paula smiling.
Obviously, the secret was out of the bag.
The love-making sessions between Fern and Taylor would continue throughout the semester but would never match the ardor of that first time…which was like the first Star Trek…far superior to later incarnations.


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