Literary Yard

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By: Tracy A. Powers


On a walk through hidden, urban woods
Amber, red, and gold nestled inside
Fallen leaves crunch under the stride of my boots’ heels
With a sound like brittle popcorn crushed.

After a collection of quiet moments
My feet and mind pause amid the tall maple trees
I find a small stone bench in a clearing, and slowly my body sits to rest
Reaching inside my bag, my fingertips locate a pair of earbuds
I pull them toward me, entwined in my fingers like a prize.
As I snuggle the left ear in, then the right
Anticipating the feeling of home.

The quiet continues for a few more minutes, as I fumble with my phone
Searching for a playlist
Birds chirp overhead on sturdy branches,
a small “snap” as a tiny squirrel frolics on the ground below.
Sun rays stream through the leaves above like a light show
Forming a gentle, illuminated mask on my cheeks
As I press “play”–
Then your lovely voice hits my ears, like a taste of autumn sap
Smooth, sweet, and lingering;
I close my eyes and listen to the music swimming in my soul
Feel the crisp chill in the air, the hairs on my arm rise
Tingling with every note on the breeze.
After a moment, my eyes open, and I see golden leaves
Falling like confetti in the air, caressing my face,
The perfect encore.

The sunset begins as I rise to my feet
And leave this natural concert hall;
I smile slightly, peaceful with the knowledge that the next show
Is as close as the next sweet breath of fall.



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