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Poem: When your hair was the color of summer lilacs

By: Sankara Olama-Yai 


Your name is not a crime,
Yet why is it whispered
When my soul can still hear the thunder
My heart screams your name
to the luminescent pearl in the sky
As if it can hear my regrets
I howl our story with the wolves,
who sing a tale of yearning,
For the angels that pull the ocean closer to
The empty universe beyond the cloud’s soft gaze.
Do you remember that one night ?
You had dyed your hair the color of summer lilacs
And we watched a movie that made your tears look so poetic
In a city i’ve now abandoned
Your skin felt like the touch of fire
in a dancing winter tempest
You hugged me and i felt your head
melt into my heartbeat
That night I traveled with you in an empty train
And you spoke with a smile that was only mine


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