Poem: Brand New Dew

By: Kelly Miller


Defending it
Altering it
Curing it
Our Father uses his artwork to save the diurnal
He uses his artwork to save the nocturnal
Sprinkling his sparkling liquid generously over all the land
A second pure gamble
A gentle silver atmospheric blanket of comfort for us
Fresh original droplets
Just like salve for earth’s wounds
A new beginning
Wiping the slate clean
Making it shimmer and grow
The darkness making way for the light
Morning kissing the gloomy night shadows goodbye
Keeping it spinning
Keeping it revolving
Polishing the elements and natural resources
Made a new with patient timing
The lush green leaves, surrounding blue waters, and vast golden land
A jet black sky irradiated by shiny stars
It is all a beautiful conceptual work of art
Created by the most talented
And yet so battered and unappreciated
By us
Just us
Making a mess of what was so lovingly provided
We cannot undo it all and restore the greatness ourselves
He is defending it
Altering it
Curing it
With brand new dew

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