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Poem: World Peace Begins at Home/After the Divorce

By: Connie Woodring


Waltzing battle, all is calm—
A higher calm,
threatening storm and conflict perhaps
present at the flick of a wrong note,
out of tune peace.

No more blood, only stains (what do they mean?)
No more glaring, historical eyes within the underbrushoverhead.
Staring for once! Into united darkness now,
and the fence around the battlefield
able to be leapt over with
swift two step, no marching gait here.

The shouting orders are muffled by
one’s own breathing.
The music starts again and again;
even when the battle cry is called
we have learned to dance with flashlights on our ankles
while monotoned enemy
over the new key and pitch…

He does not know the two step, the two step?


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