Story: Great Hall of Rejected Writers

By: Stephanie Musarra


“You are here, because the world rejects you,” the professor said, “Society has shunned you, and mommy, and daddy want nothing to do with you.” He paced the floor of the dungeon.

“I took you in to keep you from perishing on the streets.”

Robert pushed the button on his desk. “Teacher, why are we being punished? We didn’t
do anything wrong.” He squirmed at his desk. His legs were shackled to a metal chair.
The professor slammed his ruler against the blackboard. “But all is not lost! You are
writers! Use your words to conquer the world!”

An old, toothless lady, in tattered clothes walked up to each student with a bucket full
of index cards. “Words for the worthless! Words for the worthless!”

The old lady stopped at Robert’s desk, and winked. “One day the world will accept you.
There is tremendous power within words!”

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