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Poem: Sauntering around Remote Corners

By: KJ Hannah Greenberg


In most remote corners, mayhap, where societies cut loose,
Sauntering away from municipalities’ dry toast-quaffing
Patients, stoned artists suffering alimentary misfortunes,
Paid rumors of: plastic pony rape, alopecia, and debt,
Circulate ‘round factories, enrich thieves, cure halitosis,
Improve kingpins’ LinkedIn status by about ten per cent.

Failed achievement, including jock itch, sometimes empowers
Strictures tethered to: former insurgences, sneering stagehands,
Puzzling office ideology. It converts media skills found lacking
Among contacts with old-fashioned charisma, reckless aggression,
Leaves buying milk, molding the next generation’s key behaviors,
To farmers making pilgrimages, payments, prayers in confidence.

Whether or not grown men and women can properly, especially
Keepers charged with engaging Internet entertainers, offer
Guests spots on mirpessets remains an area of public contention
Equal to mutual funds’ dissatisfying “ol’ boys’” waltz, also
Assorted antisocial choices. Naked chiefs, relative to sapient
Counterparts, don’t sip barley malts, touch “messy” scotch.

Hitherto, peacock peerage, refused to hug financial reports,
Ignored bottom lines, summoned off-color, hidden quiddities,
Rallied loose, pretty flamingos and rodents to party, did zilch
Toward feeding flocks of politicos, forestalled foul weather antics,
Quieted managements’ hullabaloos (especially tired harrumphing
By autonomous suppliers, robots, oneiric clerks) and slept late.

Thus, most turbid communicating, amidst undergirding factors
Weighed by operations action officers intent on quickly eliminating,
“Feminist words,” highbrow humor, other ambitious stuff, merely
Gummed up the commodities of “powerful” persons’ habituated
To investing in small earrings, mini vacations, local municipalities,
Unmitigated assumptions, underpaid minions, cigarettes, plus coffee.

So, sold as curricula at local colleges, upcycled at pleasure palaces,
Those assets lobbies against otherwise slightly used pyramid schemes,
Counted as proof against critical thinking’s trumpeting and pretense,
Linked, by satellite, loud sounds relating human rights, animal rights,
Refrigerator necessities, magazine display racks, alacritous cats, voles,
Regressive behavior’s recovered cousins, likewise squidgy think tanks.

Currying kindnesses will mean, tomorrow, nicking rebels in their rubrics,
Getting ripped when responding to comrades newly released from prison,
Raising shameless stratum liberals (who neither yelp nor play pasquinades),
Promoting minority ethnics, censoring polygynous households, guessing
The price of bright blue leopard print clutches behind door #2, all while
Responding with distaste to rhetorical poppycock, tosh, bosh, balderdash.


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