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By: Stacy Chi


The world that you live in will never last
Welcome to your mysterious life
And say good-bye to the past

You will be worried and scared
Always holding the feeling of fear
But don’t worry you will be cared

Along the journey, you will end up realizing how
You will go through what you go through
Once you figured out what to do, here and now

So he left everyone, hopped on a plane
Doubting every step of the way
He wasn’t thinking with his brain

He waited for the moment to fly away
Then someone grabbed him from behind
Is this a sign for me to stay?


Stacy Chi loves to travel as many places as she possibly can and she would’ve been on her trip across the world by now if it wasn’t for her shopping addiction. From hiking up mountains to zip lining between buildings, her thirst for adventure know no bounds. Her new motto is to make every second count and she starts off her goal by binge watching all eight seasons of Vampire Diaries.


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