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By: Raymond Greiner


How is progress clearly gauged? Is progress a machine or device invented to create less physical or mental challenge to daily routines? When does comfort become a negative and hard work a positive? In reality both offer favorable zest toward chosen goal achievements. As is true within life’s structure balance yields the best results, and the foundation of success grows more efficiently from a range of selective applications.

The creative mind is busy. Discomfort and stress stalls innovative thoughts, which are unleashed most efficiently within contentment. Artists, composers and writers are most effective when comfort melds with work relevant to purpose and direction. Work environment and task selection are also key ingredients.

Often creativity is enhanced within solitude surrounded by natural beauty distant from urban clutter, noise and foul air. Societal dark side activity is most prominent in crowded cities.

The mind alters thought patterns when natural beauty is present and rapture is released with greater ease.

As we view our present point in human history question marks dominate. We have become entranced from the influx of cyber activity attached to electronic interaction. When does magical device mania cross the boundary of sensibility and enter a zone of absurdity? In early stages of cell phone popularity devices were holstered and used selectively. This practice has been altered; as I observe in public places the cell phone is used with such frequency it’s carried in one hand at the ready. This depicts an imagery of control influenced by a device. It has become an important daily function to remain available and in touch every minute of the day.

Government overall has moved far beyond an establishment to benefit the collective populace, as daily we observe leadership out of control overwhelmed by internal bickering and multiple forms of manipulation to gain political self servitude. Lobby money flows like a tidal wave of legislative influence, which is not beneficial to Americans from an overall perspective, only serves to enhance corporate bottom line numbers using political grips to set the stage of modern social scenery where money postures as God.

Political speeches favor the subject of war threats, as billions of dollars are legislated for military expansion.

When an iconic African American is honored on a special day set aside to recognize his efforts to unify racial division our president celebrates by playing golf.

So, the entire mess festers into an infectious social virus filtering into the minds of those living in this era. Standout common reaction is disregard of the current crisis, as we observe a downslide of moral values…”I’m not political, and ignore politics.” The word “ignore” is the root word of “ignorance” and political powers are aware of this reality, and exploit this position to enhance manipulative power.

We speak of our current social design as progressive. I’m not convinced.


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