Story: The Night of

By: Eryn King


Freezing and numb, the world looked like it was beginning to fade away as darkness slowly took over my eye sight. Did I meet it–death I mean, the action or fact of dying or being killed; the end of the life of a person or organism? I was unconscious, but I felt and heard everything in that cold, hospital room. It was as if I was trapped in my own mind.

When I awoke, I at first didn’t recognize my surroundings. My eyes were cloudy, and I couldn’t feel anything. When my vision cleared up, I was immediately confronted by my parents, hovering over me with teary eyes and trembling lips. My mother embraced me as my father kissed my hand. Tears rolled down my cheek out of the blue. All I could think about was what I saw. I couldn’t forget even if I tried so I chose to sleep. All of the authoritarians in my life, old and new, stood outside my room as they discussed what I presumed to be the plan of action. There was something seriously wrong with me–I felt like my functioning organs were shutting down.

My world grew white. Suddenly I blacked out and lost all consciousness. Was I dead, for real this time, was I finally meeting my inevitable fate? I guessed my parents were going to have to get all of the answers as to what had happened tonight from the ones there, my “friends”. A blinding white light took over. Drifting down from the sky, it floated like an angel. “One more chance”, she said, “One more chance.” My eyes opened full force, I looked around to see a room full of tired and worrisome faces, as they took deep breaths of relief in unison.

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