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By: Ramprasath


Madan stood next to the great Indian actor Irfan Khan and this is not a filmfare award function stage but Madan’s personal computer. Madan adjusted brightness and contrast to balance the colors to make his morphed picture look real.

“Ofho Madan! Don’t you have any other work? Will you keep cutting and pasting photographs all day?” Madan’s mother Fathima shouted.

“This is graphics mom. Mark my words. I will become one like P.C.Sriram someday” Madan politely replied.

A year later,

“Ammee.. come na.. see this” Madan shouted from the hall.

Fathima appeared from the kitchen and saw the TV program.

In a star channel show, on a grand stage, Irfan Khan was handing over Filmfare award for best graphics work to Madan.

Fathima responded quickly.

“Dei, I have so much work to do in kitchen da. I don’t have time to see your cut-copy-paste work”


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