Story: Blue Bike

By: Hannah Yun


She stomped into the quiet room, heels clicking against the ground with every step. There was no doubt that every eye was on her as she approached the young man reaching for a book on the shelf. He turned around clueless of who she was, or why she was there.

“I demand an apology immediately, and for you to pay for my shoes”, She yelled.

He looked down to see a trail of water and mud behind her. He didn’t know what he did, but decided to apologize.

“That’s it? I want you to pay for them,” she demanded.

Still confused, he looked down at her shoes and pointed at them.


“Only the finest pair of heels a lady can own. Found in the top tier fashion magazines, and extremely rare. You splashed me along the way as you rode on your bike. Quite inconsiderate of you if I must say!,” she scoffed.

“I’m sorry ma’am, but I don’t have the money you’re looking for. I apologize that a little bit of rainwater had got on your shoe, but I’m sure after you wipe it with some soap and water it should be fine,” he replied sarcastically.

He nonchalantly went back to looking for some more books and the woman, furious, stood in silence trying to catch her breath for what had just occurred. He turned around to find that a worker was talking to the woman who was now being forced to leave. She proceeded to storm out of the library, another trail of water forming behind her. Stunned, and standing outside, she stared at her shoes. Her face flushed red from both embarrassment and frustration. She looked at his bike, a disgusting shade of blue, with the metal rusted from being overused. She would get revenge somehow, she was determined.


Categories: Fiction

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