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By: Rajbir Johar


He stretched, allowing his eyes to peer over the open window. The wind was strong as always. A blue and yellow kite in hand, he struggled onto the warm beach underneath him and threw the kite. The kite sliced through the clouds, yanked by the thin string intertwined between his fingers. The seagulls trailed along the boy, splashing through the wet sand. The sun beat down onto his naked back as he reeled his kite in. Emptying a bucket full of dried seaweed from yesterday’s adventures, he embarked on his journey to conquer the tiny shred of land and establish a magnificent sandcastle and fortify the moat. He sat on the sandy throne content and innocent.

His feet toed the sharp line between land and water. Behind him stood his home, steadfast through storm and fire. The ocean’s vastness spread outlined by white, frothy foam. The quiet waves lapped over his sandy ankles, darkened by years under brilliant sunlight. He ran back into his small abode. Inside, he heard the waves calling to him. The fear and excitement of leaving home grew deep inside.

After a few calm moments, the boy, now a man, smashed onto the sand with a war cry, yielding a paddle. He tossed the oar into the sea-rotten boat, nearly tearing apart at the nails. With long heaves, the boat pushed and broke the cool, green surface of the water. The waves carried the bow forward, pulling it into oblivion. The paddle slammed and propelled the boat forward, pushing the white sand, his home, behind him. He plopped his captain’s hat over his sandy hair, weaved together with fern leaves. The blank map layed prime for exploring the deep of the ocean. Gazing at the shrinking home on the horizon, he would miss the safety of the roof over his head.

Many years older and many years wiser, the shores reappeared over the horizon, his home still standing empty and alone. The old man dragged his barnacle covered ship onto the sand and followed the footsteps that the boy placed. Inside, he hung the map, now filled edge to edge, on his wall. The blue and yellow kite collected sand and dust near the door. The bucket laid upside down. He sat on the sand throne content and experienced.


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