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By: Tamra Scott-Hunt


So remembered are these two whose lives once touched each other.

On warm days they sat like small children playing in the sand, telling secrets that will never be told to another, and sharing each other’s laughter when no one else can understand.

There’s a warmth shared between them that years later both will recall not having had since then.

A circle of love binds them together when his arms encompass her.

Nights alone are impossible to imagine when love is so abundant.

Closer and closer they grow together, learning to need each other. So much inside of each other they grow that sometimes they forget and take each other for granted.

Sometimes they wonder if this is enough.

He wonders about other women, and she feels alone when they’re together.

But so remembered are these two that when they part the surface shows the open wound in both lives, no longer one.

Each cries out for the other in their own way, both hoping that things are better this way.

But still sometimes we dream of forgetting the things we can’t forgive, and somehow bridging the gap that grows wider everyday.

And so, I remember.



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