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Aloha’s Embrace

By: Aditya Malhotra


What can one see staring at a mirror?
Am I the one picked up among skein
Or looking at someone more alive?
Who giggles seeing me chase my tail
Warms up in mouth to mouth sighs
Croon over monopolize self
In Bokeh effect of blurred beliefs
And see eternity hung around my heck

What can one do staring at a mirror?
Wonder if it became lawless
Refuse to hold my weight
Cages, un-manifest me at will
Once it sensed deep mutterings of hate
And beat me to possess
Now in its fabrication, displays –
Detritus wrapped in khaki skin
Lures me to see litany of suffering
In dearth of discomfort

What can one hear staring at a mirror?
A blind gushing rivulet, strayed —
Reveals to me what I am:


Aditya got interested in poetry recently and now it has become an integral part of his daily life. In the process he realized that poetry gives self an opportunity to transform. He currently lives in Ottawa, Canada with his wife and two young sons and works for a software firm.

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