Literary Yard

Search for meaning

By Olatubosun David

The irony
is when they all compete to survive
the onslaught of the hunger
that feeds on human flesh
in the land of surplus

Seers have ceased to see fine
Their eyes are feeble
Their visions are now blunt
Every man has possessed anointing eyes
To see a scary vision

Along the street
Every shop and kiosk
Host fraudulent pulpit and altar of doom
“Salvation is truly as free as breeze
And as cheap as dirt- who needs that anyway?
But my anointing oil is very highly costly”

I see a man
In an angelic attire
Shaking heads like the cows do
Shake head when bitten by flies
In their wounded head

I see seekers of wonder on queue
As the angel shakes head
Foretelling their dooms and fortunes
Demanding life cocks and palm oil
(He said) to appease the gods

I see a poor driver charged
For “driving without a birth certificate
on the public road”
The little our friend earned for the day
He paid as token of illiteracy
In the custody of our friends



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