‘Biography’ and other poems by Anne Mikusinski

By: Anne Mikusinski



It must say something
That I can
Describe my life
In the small space
Of one hundred words or less
I can fill three pages describing
How you look when deep in thought
Or when,
Eyes closed,
Lost in music
Your dark lashes brush the hollows of your cheeks,
And make me wish my hands could linger there,
Until a certain understanding passed
Between us both
Unspoken but still shared.


Life is a pie chart
Shade it three quarters dark
Due to waiting
For news
Or answers
Or reasons why
But keep that one fourth bright
For moments
Kept in memory.

Philosophy Lesson

Bumblebees are optimists.
Trusting in gossamer
To carry them through
They are fearless in their
They hover, absorbing
Everything that interests them
I take my cue from them
And trust my flimsy words
Will hold me

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