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Poems: ‘Come in’ and ‘Inner Self’

By: Zunayet Ahammed


Come In

I am passing hard time
In the pool of sorrows
I’m drowning
Everywhere I find darkness, pitch like darkness
And the coldness of the wind
A feeling of wilderness, bareness and infertility
Consumes all
It seems the sun could no longer shine
The dead scholars could no more come to life
In all walks of life
Disappointment, desolation and bitterness
There is no escape from the enduring pain
Emptiness, hollowness and deterioration
Have taken our happiness away
Everyday we’ve to struggle after struggle
Sometimes we fall
And sometimes we rise
Like a phoenix rising from the ashes
At last you come
The rain comes, the roses bloom, the birds start singing…….
And I’m getting drenched by your icy water
Forgetting all pangs of life.


Inner Self

There’s a bright side to every person
No one thinks of it all
The world just doesn’t notice it
The central being, a child, an innocent performer
We shouldn’t judge what we observe
Mind always guides us to take the right decision
Though many are misguided
Only one’s self knows its own inner identity
The world is a place for acting
We, here, the actors and actresses
Helpless and hapless
We spend our whole life in acting and watching presentation
Like different feelings, many thoughts, lots of activities
We don’t listen to our inner self,
The perfect picture always guides us in the right track

We, all, miss it.


Zunayet Ahammed, born in Bangladesh, is an Assistant Professor of English, Northern University Bangladesh in Bangladesh. He is an author of a book, Ochena Swapnaloke(In an Undiscovered Dreamland). His second book, UNHEARD MELODIES, a collection of English poems, of which almost all the poems are being published in Literary Yard, a popular online Indian literary magazine, is in the process of publication. Besides, he has written more than ten scholarly articles that earned fame home and abroad. Above all, he is a poet, critic, translator, fiction writer, researcher and editor of two books interested particularly in creation.


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