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Poems: ‘Dark Love’ and ‘Thoughts of the Heart’

By: Lael Lopez 

Dark love

Dark Love
This angel fell
She lost her light
Trudging through the gates of hell
She gave up the fight
No man or god
Could bring her back
Until she looked into his heart
Black as coal
Hard as ice
Their inner darkness called to each other
A spark churned inside her
Something alien nagged at her
Their eyes met
And the muses wept
The hell cats yowled
Something ancient awoke
Love so dark
It tore at reality
Love so fierce
The earth shook
Both man and beast feared
Because that day
Dark love was born

Thoughts of the Heart

When you saw him
Your heart flew

Then you met him
And a spark grew

You chose duty over him
Yet the sight of his face
Still plagues you

You turned your back
Even though it kills you

Looking back is not an option
When you close your eyes
You see his smile

In your dreams
His laugh rings through

Some thought it was the latter
Little do they know
It is the former

Life is a hard, cruel road
And the heart is an evil beast

I think it’s better
Sometimes, not to feel

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