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‘Audition’ and other poems by Sanjeev Sethi

By: Sanjeev Sethi



Catachresis is absence of education
not lethargy.
Frame of reference as narrow
as width of knowledge.
This is it about good-looking people,
their bodies do most of the business.
Or do they?
Foibles come by and by.
Efflux sharpens the agile.
We learn and learn some more,
not sure if the next guide is of value.
Inner ecstasies intuit.


The Ebb

Chance fixed it, collaboration squandered it.
Commas weren’t felicitous as togetherness
fostered tourbillion drills. Antithetical to
accommodating, adjacency set off anthemas.
Without visible guideposts we scrutinized
ourselves, witnessed rad turning regretful.


How Things Are

In our hurry to go nowhere
we hosed whatever we had.
Outrecuidance hogtied ardor.
We picked up strange dialects
and stranger dictions. Our
langue sapped its brio. We
set up homes, separately. I
kept company but no-one
touched and troubled me like
you. I see you around, aged
and agile to leavings at the bar.
I usually carry my blotter.


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