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By: Daniel de Culla


A teacher asks Little James
What balls are those that don’t have hairs
And Little James answered quicly:
-None, teacher, because all the balls
And more those of Villar
Have hairs.
There was laughter by spoonfuls
Like garlic soups
In Roa de Duero, Burgos
Before corralling bulls.
Little students from Aranda de Duero
Know this joke very well
And always talk of it
When they go to the wine cellar
And, into the deep of it
They touch the balls among them
To see which of them
Have more grown hair.
To who that has the longest hair
They sent him to Burgos
With free expenses
As a prize for competing
In a competition of Billiards and Darts
To a place called “At Plane”, in Gamonal
Telling him at the Bus Station
Before car beging to move:
– Take care, Villar, you’re going to Burgos
To compete at Plane
Ones with darts, others with sticks”.


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