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‘Aberration’ and other poems by Megha Sood

By: Megha Sood


1. Aberration

I’m an aberration,
An anomaly,
A certain twist in the tale
How do you feel when you masks peel off in layers?
and every time you shred your pain and misery
You see more layers forming underneath
Like the layers of the onion
Like the countess scab you have
been picking
/but it seems useless/
Like the constant poking of the needle
can’t seem to find the splinter lodged
deep seeded in your soul
The candle in your room is weeping
with both ends burning
And you are trying to reach the end of this abyss
When your spindly legs
Are those of the moth
Trapped in the spider’s web
And somewhere someone is tightening the grip on you
Can you feel it by the absence of every
wheezing breath?
That moth is you.

2. Absence

Your absence is a reminder of the pain
a phantom entity
present in one moment
absent in the other
like the suppurating sore
at the roof of my mouth
stemming from the disbelief of heart
like the deep seeded
memories of the
youth in the old eyes of my mother
covered with the
cataract thick as a fig

Your absence is a reminder of the pain
like the scab, I keep pulling
on the fingers
just good enough to keep the pain
simmering under the folds of the skin
living in the constant fear of losing
you to whiplash of time
like the fading
lines on the palm of my granny
as she holds the old letters
too close to her chest
wishing her tight clutches
will stop them from losing them to
merciless time

Your absence is a reminder of the pain
like the poultice
which keep scrapping
the thin layer of the skin
on my
yellow suppurating skin
giving me the illusion of healing
every single time.

Your absence is a reminder of the pain
like a prayer on my lips
which strokes the pain by every verse
and every syllable
of the dying warmth of the cold body
held too long
on the hospitable bed
those memories are
deeply etched in the wrinkles
buried in those white sheets
never to be remind

Your absence is a constant reminder of the
debilitating pain
my body is fervently trying to
and it fails
every single time.

3. Lonely Moon

Time bends on the blade of a grass
proving its existence
and slowly the innocent raindrops
follow the path and
makes an impression in the heart of the earth
slippery and slimy with the monsoon
loneliness carries its weight around my little garden
while the black nightingale
cries and
and the cruel wind carries its hoarse
deep into the oblivion
the eye of the time is twisted
the skin of the time is crimped and
pinched at varied places
and I can see the reflection
of the loneliness in the heron at the
base of the cliff
is he mourning or
he meditating
/who could tell/
pain is invisible
like our own hands in the dark
you feel without really feeling
you discern slowly
without actually
and feel its presence
darkness falls slowly
in your eyes
and I can see the shifty moon
smiling in the heart of skies
a smirk across his face
Can you feel his pain now?



  1. Wonderful Mega! The last poem is my favorite but they are all amazing 🙂 I love “Lonely Moon’s” Intro Line “Time bends on the blade of a grass.” It’s wonderful as it hooks you and also is fantastic imagery, “showing” vs. “telling.” The “shifty Moon” is a great description too, like he can’t be trusted and “smirks”as if he wants you to feel his pain too. Like he’s cruel. The moon usually isn’t described that way so very unique and well done. 🙂
    In the second poem, the line about pulling on a scab was also very well written, it had me cringing and also “the poultice, scraping thin layers of [her] skin off.” In “Absence” the speaker’s friend/lovers absence is felt keenly by the reader b/c of these painful and almost torturous descriptions. The emotional pain of the speaker is felt clearly through physical wounds.
    Congrats Megha! You are amazing! Three very worthy submissions that were rightfully accepted! Yay!

    • Thanks so much, Jaya for reading them and I appreciate your honest response too.So happy you liked Absence .we are a writer always poinder too deeply in the moments of solitude, dont we?

  2. Awww thanks so much, Amanda for reading my poems so intently. The lonely moon is indeed my favorite too. I love writing about the moon and yes often moon is used as a metaphor for beauty and solace but I tried to write a different aspect of it. I can’t describe how I much happy I feel when my reader gets the essence of the poem so well just like you did with the Abberation.I’m blessed to have you as one of my readers. Thanks again, Amanda.

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