Literary Yard

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By: Rimli Bhattacharya


She loved to dream
an outlier she was
Ink ran through her veins.

She believed in love
as love gave her locution
to fill the void with string of words.

Yes she was a dreamer –

She had read
Tagore, Shelley and many more
as she had in her an un satiated urge
to paint her shattered dreams
With string of words.

Yes she was a dreamer –

As she had danced on broken glasses
to the lyrics of the poems
she had once written

Yes she was a dreamer –

Who wore her tears like pearls
as her feet bled
when she read her poems dancing on
those shards of glass.

Dreamer she was
she wrote poems
she was unshakeable;

If only she knew it was
her dreams that she wrote
and not her poems.

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