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‘Blast in Silence’ and other poems by Neil Ellman

By: Neil Ellman


Blast in Silence

(after the painting by Rameshwar Broota)

In this silent universe

there are blasts

concussions and resolutions

we are not allowed to hear

among the chaos

of colliding stars and planets

galactic winds

through empty space

and the babble of words

from too many gods

too eager to be heard—

there are blasts

too beautiful

for the human ear.



Beyond the Wind, Listen to the Bamboo

(after calligraphy of  Zenkei Shibayama)

The wind has no explanation

for its journey; like a traveler

without a destination or a home,

it finds no meaning in its life.


Beyond, bamboo, tall and resolute,

impervious to the capricious wind

two stalks speak of love

three of happiness and long life.


Listen to the bamboo;

It sees what the wind

can never see

as a traveler passing through.



Wondering Angel Insects

(after the painting by Rina Banerjee)


How small they seem

able to be crushed

by a single swat

of the hand

taking with them

their souls

and secret world

of demons

eager to sting

and angels

making their

evening prayers

to survive

and persevere

another day

while wondering

if they can be saved

by the god of spiders,

beetles and ants.



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