MVJ College of Engineering organises Drug Awareness Programme to channelize young minds


In an effort to prevent the abundant drug abuse cases among students MVJ College had organized a Drug Awareness Programme at their campus.

MVJCE initiates Drug Awareness Programme to create an impression in the minds of the students that they are not alone in their struggles. Parents, professors, counsellors are always there for their support whether it is coping up with studies, being bullied, personal issues, peer pressure etc.

Students fall prey to different kind of lures and addiction while coping up with pressures of higher education, social problems, competition and placement issues. At this very phase, even the slightest of disappointment acts as a trigger which rather than dealing sensibly, often stands as a reason to intake recreational or hard drugs.

The students who are already entangled in drugs are encouraged to take a stand for their recovery process and walk towards a better life without the interference of drugs. Their inputs about the racket sources should help in immediate restriction.

DCP Mr Abdul Ahad, Whitefield Division Bangalore said that “getting addicted to drugs not only affects the individual, it also affects the family and society as a whole”.

Dr. Nagaraj Sitaram, Principal of MVJCE, enthusiastically motivated his students by saying “Our students are the future of our nation! Substance abuse is an obstruction that hinders the performance of our young minds. Counselling, rehabilitation processes, medications are all available to cater and regain an individual who’s been trapped by substance abuse. But firstly, it is very important for an individual to express themselves and wake up before falling deeper into the crevices of drug abuse.”

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