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By : Amirah Al Wassif


I remember! Yes, I remember this letter
When my tears decided to escape
Out of me, I felt that is better
My soul took over my shape
I heard him laughing at me and clearly makes fun
I could not aware how his love for me
Became hurtful like a gun

I remember! Yes, I remember this letter
When I fell to my knees
Crying with my pets
Grieve together
Watering our pain tree

I remember your face within the paper
Looking slyly at me
I seemed like a victim of a kidnapper
Or a tiny hay in a big sea

I remember! Yes, I remember my love
Feeding my eyes your words
Your words, your shots!
Ah! I remember how I would
Keeping it in my heart, my shell
But tell me how I could
Welcomed your greetings from the hell?!

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