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‘Put that back Mac’ and other poems by Marc Carver

By Marc Carver



I went into Macdonald’s with my 2 pound voucher
the Indian man behind the counter stared at me.
I got my food and sat down
then a man started to shout at a young boy
who picked up a balloon.
“They are for young children put that back.”
he put it back as everybody looked at him
and I started to laugh.



I listened to Ottis on the radio
yelled out the song as people came past
must have thought I was some kind of lunatic
but I did not care
the way I have always not cared
even when I was at rock bottom
some people do not get up
but day after day
up I get like the man off the cross
nothing can stop me


I keep finding this poem on the floor
it tells of a different time
of a person sure he was different from everybody else
So sure he risked everything
I am not sure I am the same person on that page
but at least I still believe



The woman came up to me at the party
at which I did not have a ticket
She asked me who I was
asked if I was in insurance
no I could never do that I tell her
as I held her hand she said
you walk up and down here not talking to anybody
as if you were an angel.
And for a second I really thought it could be possible
she asked for her hand back shortly after that
then I started to dance and the night really took off

there she goes
the one with the big botty
around and around she goes
like nothing else or no one else.
I find that with all women
none are the same as another one
perhaps that is why I want them all
even at the same time would be good
we could live in a skyscraper
that touches the clouds but with all the doors and walls knocked out
like a giant car park
or a giant ark floating on the endless sea.
Just me and my girls and all that love to keep us afloat

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