Money, not everything

Shared with Literary Yard By: Sahaj Sabharwal. Jagdish Di Hatti and Chowk Chabutra

Peace in words

Money can buy Food but not Nutrition.
Money can buy Gifts but not Thanks.
Money can buy Blanket but not Warmth.
Money can buy Books but not Knowledge.
Money can buy Blood but not Life.

Money can buy Clock but not Time.
Money can buy Air Conditioner but not coolness.
Money can buy Bulb but not Brightness.
Money can buy High Post but not Respect.
Money can buy Sugar but not Sweetness

(The poem is a combination of age-old sayings whose origin is unknown. -Sahaj Sabharwal. Jagdish Di Hatti and Chowk Chabutra have gleaned them together.)

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