Here today gone today

By: Alan Berger


What if at the end it all becomes peaceful and sunny?
To believe that it will wont cost you more, or less love or money
The last thought you got won’t be regret for the book you never read
But what was not done and what what not said
Or maybe when it’s all over
All you want to do is to travel with Fido or Rover
Or a bird on your shoulder to help navigate this boulder
It would be nice to say, Hell I got thru it
Or thru thick and thin, you didn’t blow it
Surrounded by family and friends
Leaves a lot of loose ends
And a truckload of amends
Maybe it not goodbye
Maybe it’s hello
To a whole world
Above or below
Cremation is the one thing I would not dare
I hear it’s murder on your makeup
And dreadful for your hair

Categories: Poetry

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