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Poems: ‘Distraction’ n ‘When I come back’

By: Kelvin J. Shachile


I dream I am in a home
Which isn’t my own.
I see light like a flash far away from
The fields where the Maasai morans
Herd their flocks and cattle.
And so amidst all these distractions,
I find no life behind my back,
Only the yoke of thoughts and worries
Dragging me into a ditch.
The lifeless thoughts of no hope
And visions of the promise
That by all means, let me know
If I am the only you see in the life we are about to begin.
Because I get the fear that you’re not being faithful
And my history to you is like an alchemy,
Am I a distraction?


When I come back

When I come back,
Treat me like I never left.
Take my hand and lead me to the calm pools
Where only frogs croak and the water isn’t clear.
Make me feel our love like a fresh paint
And a natural soft breeze that touches the skin and
Sounds to the ears as if it is a lullaby.

When I come back,
Love me like no other day will be there for us.
Guide my heart to forgive you for cheating on me
The first time I trusted you.
Make me believe that as they say,
We all deserve a second chance.
It is for that I am coming back.
And I shall be there to blindfold you and lead you
To the place where I am tickled,
Where I will forget, if really
I ever left.
To love and to hold,
That not even death can do as part.

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