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‘The Beauty of It All’ and other poems by David I Mayerhoff

By: David I Mayerhoff

The Beauty of It All

The soft day
Morphs Into the dead of night
Each bring with them
The essence of beauty and wonder

The warm afternoon breeze
The growing shadows
As the sun turns down
And the lights turn up

The ever-changing patterns
That bring the force of nature
To bear
On changing scenario and perspective

It is as if
All this was done just for you
To experience
The different aspects of self in the changing surround

The things learned
About self and others in the shadows
Are a far cry
From what presents in the light of day

Beyond all the glory
Of these natural descriptions
Is the astounding beauty of it all
That lies in the mystery


Ascending the Mountain

The terrain
Is fraught with thistle and rock
As the bold climber
Ascends the mountain while braving the elements of late fall

The morning mist
Contains a dusting of snow
As the temperature never quite climbs
To what was balmy just a few weeks before

His hiking boots
Make a declaration
With every footstep he takes
On the mountainside

The mountain will not be an obstacle
To those that dare grace its surface
Every step the boot sinks into the ground
Is a step of rebellion, audacity if not outright arrogance

For nature screams back
At such a one
With all the obstacles it can muster
Declaring its supremacy with a howl of its wind

The climber declares with his presence
He is bold enough to stand up to these
Seemingly Insurmountable obstacles
And proceed with determination and true grit

As the mountain generates more obstacles
By way of falling rock and upturned trees
The climber makes the boldest declaration of all
By reaching the top and sipping a drink from his thermos mug


Blood Moon

The eclipse of the night
Haunts the shadows of our being
All forms of mystery
Fantasy and possibility tickle the imagination

In the moment
One is hard pressed to envision
Life will continue
Into the dawn
Of the next light

Secrets of the universe
Beckons the questioner
With all manner of seductive query
For hidden meaning behind nature

Driving the intoxication of night
Into the curiosity of the ignorant
Who long for redemption
In the bones of their soul

The blood moon
Rises dark in the darkness
It’s shadow as ominous
As it’s distinct face of being present yet faded

The most jaded among us
Cannot help but stand transfixed
At the awesomeness of the sight
And the majesty of the Universe

Boldness of the night
Consuming the arrogance
Of the questioner
Leads to humility
Of the next day
As life continues
Its secrets intact

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