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‘Paradox’ and other poems by Wil Michael Wrenn

By: Wil Michael Wrenn


I feel I could reach out
and embrace life
and squeeze it to death.
I love life so much
that the passion of it
hurts deep inside,
and the more I love it
the sharper the pain I feel,
and the more I sense
the sheer joy of living
the more hopeless and sad
living seems to be.
while flying
I just want to let go
and fall into the water,
sink down to nothingness
and leave this happy-sad world
of joy, pain, and sorrow
to enter into eternal rest
and peace,
but the more I want to leave,
the more I want to stay,
and though death is the way
of escape,
I long to live
and to love
just one more day.


Full Stop

There should be more left;
I want there to be more left
than just living out my days
waiting for the end
day after day
clock ticking away
time fleeing
waiting… waiting….
I want life to be filled
with passion and purpose,
and every day
overflowing with meaning.
I want to taste and savor
every drop of life
like every drop of tea
in the cup,
intensely living life
and drinking deeply of it
fully and completely
every day
until the end.



For many years,
he thought he could change the world,
and he tried –
from his rocking chair.



Days melt into nights.
It’s been raining so long,
so long
since I’ve felt the warmth
of the sun.
Rain taking joy from the day;
rain turning gold into gray;
strife killing life on the way.

Days melt into nights.
Love dies on the vine –
not from lack of rain
but from too much rain,
drowning life at the root,
spirit broken, bled to death,
anger spoken, choking breath,
dying embers, what is left?

Will love survive,
can love survive
all this rain?

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