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Poems: ‘Science Fiction Tanka’ and ‘Five Haiku’

By: Denny E. Marshall

Science Fiction Tanka

aliens decide
too use earth’s flat screen TVs
now can send message
since digital conversion
program interruption shock

hike Pavonis Mons
fourth largest mountain on mars
peak not as well known
higher than Mt. Everett
avoid Olympus Mons crowds

blue earth is blown up
by alien invaders
nothing personal
world in path of the project
planet wormhole interstate

massive meteorite
on a direct path to earth
when it stops in sky
buzz replaced shock and despair
broken alien beehive

jupiter a fort
skin a gas giant planet
under the surface
monster multiply in core
some visit earth as preview


Five Haiku

every moment
a new life form

mind a small planet
world inside is infinite
as the universe

not a cloud in sight
dark water wall from flash flood
unforeseen terror

flying bug returns
sneaks into house through window
views television

most living creatures
have between two and eight arms
trees have scores with limbs

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