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By Eric Burbridge

A whisper in Lamont Pell’s ear told him to stop at the bar and grill where the Air Force Academy females frequented. The self employed electrician grew bored with playing the field. He wanted a stable intelligent woman. Two attractive well postured cadets walked in with excitement in their eyes. Lamont frantically beckoned the blonde with the heavy chest and shapely legs. She smiled nervously. “Do you know me or something?” “No, but I’d like to…please sit a minute, I’m Lamont.” “Hello, I’m Betty.” They laughed, danced and conversed for a short time. Lamont was impressed she wanted to be an astronaut. Her laid back demeanor and innocent expressions comforted him. He felt he could ask her anything.

“What does zero gravity do to sex in space?”
“What?” Betty giggled, but looked puzzled.
“Why go to the Moon or Mars if long exposure to zero gravity has an effect on the bones like they say?”
Betty shrugged, “I don’t know.”
“I mean, if it bothers the bones…it might mess with a boner. No space babies.”
Betty laughed and sipped her beer. “Um…that makes sense.”
“They might want you to have space babies. Stay on Earth, have mine and we get old together.”
“Jesus, a handsome, well built and prosperous electrician wants us to collect social security and get old together.” Betty smiled. “Am I lucky or what?”
“Perhaps, but, I’m sorry, Betty, I got to pick up some supplies for a job. If you’re interested here’s my card.” He kissed her on the cheek and left.
Midway through the job he got a text. Meet me at the bar at six. Lamont smiled this might the one.

The End


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