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Poems: if/in #88, #89, #90

By: Darren C. Demaree

if/in #88

what if all blinking
is code
& there is no dust
in our eyes
we’re given
the answers
& every time we cry
reality washes
away reality


if/in #89

every sea
has a rim
to exceed
the floods
never take
away the industries
they’re supposed to
it’s always small
bones that float


if/in #90

the frame is no boundary
the border of art
is art as well
the number of human
elements holds
the same count
as the human remains
hidden beneath
a cartographer’s hunch


  1. With all due respect, I think you send out too many posts. Why don’t you reduce it to once a week and perhaps include several stories or poems? I doubt that many people read all of your posts. Some of the writing is very good. Some isn’t. Try to include only the very good. Your reputation among us writers is that it’s no big thing to get posted on Literary Yard. Nick Gallup.
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