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‘Moment’ and other poems by Pawel Markiewicz

By: Pawel Markiewicz

I Moment (1998)

The moment flies like wind.
It always ends.
You can only remember it
in thoughts, dreams and tears.

The moment does not die,
but it stays in its heart.
In the bird and in the animal
leaves ribbons,
the ribbons of memories.


II Moment (2015)

Everyone is momentarily.
It is existence and time.
Only the poet can ignite the spirit.
His poetry only listens to him.
Laurels burned.
These poems are lost.
Hold the moment like Hercules grove.
Be eternal like the gift of Zeus.
A moment is a wind breeze.
It is the pity of all kinds of muses.


III I would like to be a bird (1998)

I would like to be a bird
and fly today in the sky,
look at everything from above
and take a bath in the auras.

And shine in the light of the sun,
and live a fleeting moment,
though gray from moisture,
but also true.

I would like to be a bird
and dance today at will,
have wind noise over me,
do not know what hurts.

But waving wings,
this gift is just a bird,
not favored people,
who want the whole world.


IV I would like to be a bird (2015)

I would like to be a bird.
The best owl of Athens.
Never a Prometheus vulture.
Human can not fly, unfortunately.
Birds love spring probably.
Only they are sometimes bad.
When the storms go crazy.
And the rain pours down very much.
The world is a spark of muses.
Which is to feel in poetry.
The bird must love the world.
You and me and us time.

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