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By : Amirah Al Wassif


they said your voice shouldn’t be heard
we need a woman without sound
then I asked my god
o lord, do I count?
and he answered me in short
raise your voice and shout
they said we need a perfect doll
walking and stopping when we want
but I am totally tweety bird
so, I whispered: no, I cannot
they said the good girl knows how to close her mouth
she always pretends to ignore seeing revolutions in the north
or in the south
the good girl used to crawl
she must hide the bright side of her soul
good girl hasn’t any right
or even fight for her vote
the good girl couldn’t contemplate the faint light
in mid of the road
they said we need a plastic woman
but, I act like a real woman
so, they cried ” be shy “
but, I insisted to fly!

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