‘Friends with benefits’ and other poems by Lily Fields

By: Lily Fields

Friends with benefits

I know you cannot help the way you feel
But your reaction to seeing me, always makes me reel.
Yourself off of me, you refuse to peel,
But the vent of your emotions, you’re going to have to seal;
After all, that was the deal.


Dear brother

Her love you seek,
Even if it is replete
With deceit.

Such folly is neither unique
Nor obsolete,
Only bittersweet.


What goes around

The look in her eyes
Was her disguise

When she smiled,
She had you disarmed.

She was not sincere;
It was not unclear.

I could have helped, I’ll admit
But can she be considered a culprit,

You lovelorn hypocrite,
When you yourself are counterfeit?

Categories: Poetry

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