‘Simplicity & Wisdom’ Authored by Dinesh Shahra Launched in Presence of Swami Omanand Saraswati

Industrialist and Philanthropist Dinesh Shahra’s book, ‘Simplicity & Wisdom’ was launched in Indore recently. The book is dedicated to Late eminent Vedanti Swami Pragananandji.

Famous Industrialist and Philanthropist Mr. Dinesh Shahra’s book, ‘Simplicity & Wisdom’ was launched in Indore recently. The book is dedicated to Late eminent Vedanti Swami Pragananandji. The book was formally launched by Swami Omanand Saraswati, Head of Omanand Yogashram. Also present on the occasion was Padma Shri – Mr. Sushil Doshi, Indian journalist, writer, sports commentator along with other members of the Shahra family.

This book is primarily aimed at offering saintly wisdom and guidance to lead a content and happy life.

Swami Omanand Ji said, “Vedantic thought reiterates the need to ‘move on’ in life to discover your true potential. The wisdom of Vedanta can simplify even the most complicated challenges of life. Simplicity & Wisdom as a book can serve the purpose of being a ready reckoner to rely on, to deal with complex emotional challenges of our day-to-day life.”

Speaking on the occasion of the launch, Dinesh Shahra, Eminent Industrialist & Philanthropist said, “Wisdom of spiritual Masters like Late Guru Swami Pragyananand ji is a heritage of entire humanity. I am privileged to be the mean to bring it in public space by the medium of this book. Through this book, my objective is to help promote Vedantic Wisdom and thus simplify life’s most complex challenges.”
About the Author

Dinesh Shahra is a renowned Industrialist & Philanthropist. He is the Chairman of Ruchi Group, One of India’s largest Food & Agro-processing conglomerates in India. As one of the foremost authorities in farm sector in India, he is credited for initiating the ‘Yellow Revolution’ that transformed Madhya Pradesh into the Soy Bowl of the country he is also involved in popularization of Palm plantation in India to cut down dependence on imports. As an eminent speaker and writer, he has represented the interest of Indian farm sector at various national & international forums including World Economic Forum, Confederation of Indian Industry Solvent Extractor’s Association etc.

Mr. Shahra is also the founder and conveyor of Dinesh Shahra Foundation (DSF) that is on a mission to create a value-based social structure. DSF has been actively involved in dealing with the challenge of Ganga cleaning, Women empowerment, Skill development and protection of native cow breeds.

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