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‘Schadenfreude’ and other poems by JayM

By: JayM


Without Cruelty, where would the circus be…

For humanity to seek,
The magnanimity of mercy under,
The crack of the whip;
The collectives’ fervent desire
To be entertained…

Callousness a Desideratum,
For a peccable quickening
Of the senses…
Jaded hearts pound, Gazed upon with eyes set in gems.

Beguiling scarlet sighs,
Escape privation of soul!
Masks upon masks,
Set in stone
For millennia…

Faded identities,
Impotent enough
To interpret tears,
Of laughter,
As pleasure…


Battle Of Heartbreak:

And when I was awoken,
It was to a different face,
From the night before,
A passage of time,
A night of revelations,
Such a change,
Of heart,
Reflected upon from your very soul.

The temple may have crumbled,
Nay, but passions may never seem woe befallen.

For such an eye,
Has yet to see
embers dying,
Affections may have devolved, once,
Affectations unmasked reveal bare faces within,
Warmth bereft.  

Moulded to lay the kiln,
Ignite flames,
Lays the dust of shattered bricks,
Embraced in piles of worth. 

For such an eye,
Has yet to see
embers dying,
Aglow of
untainted words
in bloom,
Among cracks within walls of thought, 
And rocky shores,
Watered by the tears of the sun,
Pools of nectar within…



A unique peace – a dew drop in the early dawn,
But from another, a part of,
A traveller on dusty roads,
A dream, an emotion,
A rest on purple rocks,
Eroded by the sands of time,
Salt tinged eyes, 
Seem to make sense of the world around,
Joy, a mirage,
Caressing the air,
Tracing brilliance.

Waves of mind lapping shores,
Months to years, ages to eons,
An unending touch upon a fevered brow,
High and low, the tides flow,
Destination a continuous narration, of fire sacrifices; and calm meditation,
Towards a writ destiny.

Jade crafted?
A gentle smile, nectar for a butterfly,
A tender moment frozen in its captivating beauty,
A lifetime – 
A dew drop, 
An emotion, awakens,
From a rest on purple rocks,
The traveller on dusty roads.

To walk alone, dream undone,
A step in place, unsure of its place on the journey,
Thoughts ablaze, 

A deep silence, defeaning…


Walk Of Hope:

Win distances – for voyages of discovery,
Sounds tune the one true reason;
Your dreams walk with hope, 
When the moon tugs the ocean with a silver rope.

Go to joy- that is your reward,
Sway with your heart,
Express delight – a caress of light,
Of fireflies in flight,
On a moonless night!
Sing, with love, with songbirds,
Together herald dawn- peace, belief, adoration, faith;
A step in place- it’s place on the Journey,
Halts, a game- run, swing and spin,
Care together, missed beats to win.

Sweet showers of the right season,
Myriad moods, common devotion,
Fire sacrifices and calm meditation;
Sounds true the one good reason;
Glow – go to joy – soul sweet and supple,
Saunter to passion-
Enriching life’s narration – your foundation.

Win uninterrupted distances,
For voyages of discovery,
Freedom, your happy procession,
Passion, your path; laughter, your direction;
Grace, your possession.
Your dreams walk with hope,
When the moon tugs the ocean, with a silver rope…


Senses Asoar:

Rippled reflections on a walk in the rain,
A solitary, floating, wandering cloud,
Chasing shadows.

Drop kissed lashes
washed afresh,
A view new,
Green, serene.
Petrichor wings lift the mind,
A soaring kite,
A toy,
An embodiment of joy.
Beauty expressed as truth,
Splashing wonder of a benign awakening,
The gurgling brook.
Within the whisper of the kite – string bond,
Quietude in togetherness found,
Turning tempest into calm.

A mosaic of delight, the night,
Waltzing under a silver light,
Footsteps slide, alongside,
In a silent glide.

The embrace of freedom in a thousand showers of tinkling wind-chime peals,
An illumination of being. A voyage of life,
In one salutation of a trembling leaf in the rain.
Rippled reflections on a walk in the rain…


JayM is a poet and writer from Mumbai, India, who strives to make sense of the increasingly multiple, paradoxical and ambiguous world around him through his verse and prose. He writes poetry – free verse and haiku, apart from satire based on his travels. He takes life with a pinch of salt, and advocates that doing so makes it highly palatable.


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