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By: Michal Reibenbach

I noticed a school girlfriend of mine was walking behind her parents on the other side of the road to us. Her head was wrapped up in an enormous bandage and I thought to myself, ‘That’s why she’s been missing from school she’s obviously had some sort of operation? It’s such a shame that all her magnificent brown, curly hair has been shaven off.’

I waved at her but she bent her head down and pretended not to see me.

‘Look at Heidi, her heads all bandaged up,’ I said to my stepfather.

‘Is she a good girl at school?’ my stepfather inquired.

‘I like her, she’s always full of fun but an awful lot of boys came looking for her. As it’s an all-girl school it’s frowned upon,’ I replied.

‘She is probably promiscuous and her parents might have arranged for her to have a Lobotomy?’ he said.

‘What’s a Lobotomy,’ I asked.

‘It’s a medical procedure in which a hole is drilled into the front part of the skull of a person. It’s done in order to help them act in a rational, sane manner,’ as he explained he glanced at me in an ominous way as if hinting as to what could happen to me if I wasn’t well behaved.

‘Oh, poor Heidi how awful for her!’ I exclaimed out loud and silently in a panic I swore to myself, ‘From now on I’m going to be the most proper and good little girl in the whole of the British Isle. I’ll never give my stepfather a reason to send me off to have a Lobotomy.’

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