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By: Alan Berger

We met on line, not online.

We were waiting in our cars to get into the garage in the building we both live in, and the car in front of her is on a phone call when he should be remotely opening the fucking garage gate.

I was In back of her car.

I watch her get out and go to the the driver who is still on the phone and really let’s him have it, and then some.

Them gates opened quick.

I yelled out my window to her if she was going to beat him up and she says that I look like I would be more fun.

She got in her car and rolled in and I rolled in right after her.

I should have turned around and checked into a hotel.

But, I didn’t.

Next thing I know we are sharing an elevator.

I think the driver she gave it to was too scared to join us.

I should say join her.

I can assure you, I am no threat.

“Too bad you had to see that”, she said

“That’s ok. I wanted to get going in myself”, I said

“I meant, too bad you were there to see it. If there were no witnesses’ I would have pulled him out of the car and spanked him”.

Let me say right here that this woman is gorgeous, and not only that, but, well, this was turning me on to the point of my brain bestowing a beautiful hard – on, pointing at her.

I wanted to make a porno with her called, “ Howdy Neighbor”!

“I’m Paige Harper, real estate, just bought 1012”, she revealed.

“I’m Scott Wilson, stockbroker, 1014, howdy neighbor!”, I revealed back.

“Awesome”, said she.

In my thoughts I fantasied she was referring to my hard – on.

Well, this is really a case of ask and you shall receive, and I certainly asked for it.

And got it.

After a few floors went by, we started making out and when we got to 10, we hit my door, followed by fucking on the floor.

In the afterglow. She mentioned that it was too bad we knew each others’ names before we fucked so we can say then now, oh well she goes, we can say them now and we repeated our vows. It was fun and this was beyond exciting.

I thought, who is this?

It was too good to be true.

That’s because it wasn’t.

I would not say at this point we started to date.

We already did that part.

Maybe it was the speed and proximity and fantasy, but all I know is it was fun and felt right.

After we fucked, she said she had some calls to make, so, I walk her home and was back in my home in 5 seconds.

First thing I did was clean the floor.

Second was a shower to get rid of the herpes I may or may not had just welcomed to my anatomy.

I went to sleep that night and slept very nicely.

It took awhile after that night before I ever slept very nicely again.

Because, the very next morning…………….

I awoke to the sound of drilling.

Drilling thru a wall.

My living room wall.

I found out later in court documents and police reports that those calls she, “ Just had to make,” was to rent a drill.

I also found out later that she was nuts.

Not a nutty kind of cute nut light-hearted adorable nut, but, a real one.

Back to the nuthouse she went since she was let out as an experiment regarding the meds’ she was taking that one fine morning she stopped taking.

I wound up, after the dust settled, and there was a lot of dust to be settled, going to visit her in her home away from mine, and her home.

Every month for 6 months.

Each visit she looked better and better, and I could see why and how she was so impressive to me in the first and last place.

After she gets out, we’re going to Disneyland.

After we fuck for a few days of course.

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