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‘The Betrayal’ and other poems by Rex Chilcote

By: Rex Chilcote

The Betrayal

It is inevitable
that life will betray you.
The betrayal is as certain
as the rising and setting sun.
There are many types of betrayal:
There is the physical;
as time goes on
the decomposition of the body
surpasses the regeneration.
There is the emotional,
where the doubts flood in
and take over your mind and sole.
There is the spiritual,
where you are told that you will
be taking care of by the divine.



I love sleep.
I fucking love it.
Some people say that, sleep is a waste,
that the time can be used for more productive things.
There are some people that say they only need two,
three hours at the most; that they are up doing work
and that’s why they’re successful.
I just think they have too many demons in their minds.
They can’t relax, their thoughts won’t let them.
When my head hits the pillow
I pull the covers up to my chin and
I feel a peace come over me.
Sleep is the time that your consciousness can leave the body.
It leaves the constraints of the physical.
The pain and sadness of everyday life is lifted,
if not for a few hours.
A few hours that your sole can swim with the heavens.
And in the morning, nothing seams as bad
as the night before.


Lying in Bed

I lie in bed
and the fear grips me,
comes over me
like the darkness comes over the sun.
My mind thinks
to the inevitable future.
Everyone is older,
My parents, who in my mind never age
are betrayed by their photographs.
The future is inevitable,
they will pass.
As I lie in bed
a sense of sadness comes over me.
There is so much
to deal with.
Besides the emotional
there is also the physical.
Three floors plus an attic:
Full of memories.
Full of love.
Full of sadness.
To go through.
To categorize.
To keep.
To throw away.

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