Literary Yard

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By: Sobia Ali

Insects live in crevices of an old wall
A lizard also lives in a crevice
Of the same wall
The insects know about the lizard
Lizard’ s intentions are well known

Then what keeps the insects
From changing their neighborhood?

Perhaps they think the lizard is better
Than what might happen to them
Anywhere else
They must
For they never went away

Or do they think the lizard will follow
Them to the new neighborhood?

But as they never tried escaping
There are no proof of their suspicions
Being well founded

And may be living with the lizard
For so long
They had become immune
To the constant fear of death

And as all these possibilities are
Being reckoned with
We must consider this brief theory

The insects do so knowingly
And willingly
For the Supreme Lord who made them
He also made the lizard

And to fill its belly
The insects give up
The little life sparks
So much coveted by them

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