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By: Jaela Manuel

The car swerved off into a bumpy road and took an abrupt stop. Abigail heard the door open and slam. Click. Clack. Emma was inching toward the back seat of the car. The sound felt so distinct to Abigail. Like the custom velvet heels that Robert had bought her for their anniversary. Click. Clack. Her door opened. It was her heels.

Emily dragged her onto the rough ground. Abigail could feel her wounds cut deeper. She thought Emily would beat her again but instead, she leaned in toward her.

“I can already see it. “The Strange Disappearance of Emily Wisely”. What an intriguing title for a true crime episode in the future,” Emily sneered.

The moonlight that seeped through the tiny gaps of the trees allowed her to clearly see Emily’s face. Once so warm and innocent. Now so cold and menacing.

“What’s going on?” Alice whimpered. “The children will be miserable if I don’t come home anytime soon.”

“It’s too bad that the anesthesia I gave you won’t wear off for another several hours. I’m hoping it’ll last long enough to finish the job for me.”

“You’re insane! Robert must be worried sick about me. He’ll call for an immediate police investigation for me!”

“That won’t be necessary as long as he doesn’t know it’s actually me.” Emily
snickered. “After all, he always had trouble telling us apart.

“No,” Abigail said under her breath. The realization hit her hard.

“The children will truly miss their Aunt Emily. I’ll try to find her through any means possible.” She let out a sliver of a devilish smile.

“Emily, you can’t do this!” Alice pleaded.

“Oh, but I just did,” Emily said as she stood up. “By the way, it’s Alice now.” Emma was walking away with her shoes. Her identity. Her life. And all Alice could do was watch as her figure slowly faded into the mists of the forest. She shivered with the gust of wind. She was hopeless, scared, and alone in the middle of nowhere.

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