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2019 Philippine Senatorial Election 

By: April Mae M. Berza

2019 Philippine Senatorial Election 

Creatures from Philippine mythology
ran for the senatorial election,
the tiyanak was thirsty for flesh 
and blood just to remain in his 
throne while an old aswang 
wanted to avenge his failure 
last election so he ran this day.
The tikbalang almost filled the 
senate with such a smoke 
everyone got a cough when a sigbin 
tried to file a candidacy but failed 
because he lacked experience.
If only they knew that a half-mortal 
half-diwata named Tala would
save not only their kingdom but 
the entire Philippines. Imagine, 
that immortal teenager is the 
solution to developmental 
aggression, war on drugs, etc.
but the tiyanak is not willing to 
concede defeat when all else 
is but a wicked and weak power.


For Fred

The night blindfolded me while I mapped your unvirgin lips
in sensual cartography of sweat and tears and saliva
as you penetrated the canvas of desire, mapping your body
next to me even if we were a parallel universe apart,
the stars collided inside of me as the milky lotion oozed
and let loose. The madness in the manly voice of the
universe dictating me to go on and on and on
like a major motion picture, I watched the centrifugal
force attempting to seduce me to kiss the nipples
of a black hole but I was reluctant at first, the seasons
embraced the sweet warmth of the galaxy in your eyes.
I’ve unearthed the passion from the caves and craters
and before I dig deeper into your soul, I will own
a multiverse of desires in every inch of kissing you.



The city dreams of more rainy days
but I could feel the tight embrace of the sun
to the lonely firmament after the world
bathes in summer, I spend time
in silent museums and loud parks,
my footsteps are the only visitors
of histories and misadventures and destinies,
when the storm reads my whispering mind,
I thought of planning a vengeance
but the wintry wind commiserates with me
and asked me to drink a chamomile tea,
I witness how the seasons change us
but we can never change the seasons.

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