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‘Civilization’ n other poems by Milt

By: Milt Montague


The South Pacific is
littered with islands
like specks of earths
floating in a pool

dots of sand on blue
more like mountain tops
piercing the clouds

people have lived there
for untold generations
happily surviving in
simple harmony with
their environment

until we brought


I write because

I write because
b e c a u s e
I am an explorer

hacking my way through
a jungle of words
always seeking
hoping to discover

subtle new meanings
for well worn lyrics
to refresh them
with new clothes
a new coat of paint



the weather is great
time to put aside
the heavy coat

I am free
from winter clothes
wander as a natural spirit

commune with nature once more
roam the hills again
enjoying the trees and flowers

watch them grow
from buds to blooms
daily …… weekly

surrounded by beauty
nature’s love for the world


Time to think

it all happened about 13 billion years ago
when out of nothing
there was the most stupendous explosion
and there appeared
hunks of speeding matter in all directions
radiating from center

still going on today and even accelerating
as we calmly go about
our daily routine and lifestyles without a care
for the consequences

we inhabit one of these coalesced “hunks”
and it is time to think


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