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Poems: ‘The Land Where I Belong’ n ‘Sunday Dreams’

By: Ronald Robin Roy

The Land Where I Belong

Take me to the land
Where freedom is harvested,
Where golden sunshine wash away weariness
Where koel sings to soothe ears
Where ripples in the pond reflect longing dream
Where if buried, white lilies bloom in the graveyard.

Take me to the land
Where faint breeze hums the lullaby of childhood
Where tall, wild grasses treasure adventure ahead
Where old farmers tell stories under starry night

Take me to the land,
Where life exists after death…

That is the land,
Where I belong.

Sunday Dreams

Sleepy Sunday Afternoon
Washed away by monsoon
Raining since sparrows woke up to the day…
Sun has lost its way…
Streets empty, birds flying to their nest for warmth
And poor cows gaze at their drenched hay.

Sleepy Sunday Afternoon
Rusty old window rods are cold
Walls are damp and old
Cat shrugging its wet neck
Slippers are wet and umbrellas unfolded
in the verandah.

Sleepy Sunday Afternoon
Dark clouds floating over the town
Soon darkness will gulp the world
And frogs will croak in the pond
How melancholic is the day
It’s time, we retire to bed for a nap …
Before Sunday passes away.


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