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Poem: The dog and I as well as some sounds

By: Paweł Markiewicz

one dreamy spring day
I looked in to brilliant eyes of my pal-dog
in to his tender ocular dominance of eternity
so that my gentle poem was in the soul perfect delicate

now the most marvelous words are awaiting it
to be put on paper – well

You apollonianly ecstatic ontology
please carry out such a melancholy of mariners

a former being becomes a being-now!
the being becomes a future being!

there is on earth a Someone
that can feel ancient legends and new fairy-tales
it is my tender hound-spaniel

he knows all fairy-tale-like beings in person
enchanted fairies wonderful mermaid-She and melancholic Merman
Herculean winged Erl-kings – his lovely friends

they extol him in some poem
as if the dog were meek a embellished herder of clover
which is searching for a four-leaves trefoil
by feeling the rosy or olive eternity

and I was present with the cyan soul
I heard the most beautiful sounds of the muse-likeness

at the beginning there was a tune of the oak leaves in wind
I feel as if I were the rider of melancholy in the spring-tide

then a sound of singing bird was heard
I wanted to be like this peaceful bird in the eternity – fledged

afterwards a clang of bells came to me
as if it were felt an enchanted time of many angelets

hereupon I heard profoundly a tune of the pigeons
my dog recognized in my poem a blaze of the magical sparks

now my dog is sitting in the grass
the day-dreaming and the sounds of the melancholy are in druidical souls dreamy

thus the ontology fulfilled with magic Osiris must take place
as if shooting-stars metamorphosed in light-esque scintillas


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