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Science Fiction Haiku and Tanka

By: Denny E. Marshall

Science Fiction Haiku

black hole
a galaxy

black hole deep space probe
survives long enough to find
got the color wrong

all the things you did
last month, alien watching
on T.V. tonight

aliens assure
that you will not be eaten
see pipe and ashtray

in tears
almost drown
as earth cries

working in pawn shop
worried that boss might fire you
still buy UFO


Science Fiction Tanka

aliens change eyes
into alternative worlds
every morning
wake up somewhere different
without going anywhere

aboard UFO
aliens replace your brain
with a computer
now a surveillance robot
one of many unnoticed

oxygen levels
with passage of time go down
all life gets smaller
day is on the horizon
all of us like dinosaurs

mining operation
full swing on surface of moon
after decades pass
sight of lunar orb at night
fake crater doesn’t belong

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